EcoMed Services is an innovative medical waste management company that provides healthcare and environmental waste treatment and disposal solutions through the use of clean sustainable technology that meets strict national and international regulations and safety standards.

Our commitment is to make positive changes by improving infectious waste management operations, reducing risks, protecting communities, improving our way of life, and minimizing the negative impact on the planet.

At EcoMed, we understand that regulated medical waste management is not only an issue of cost, affordability, and convenience, but it is also a subject of safety, liability, customers' satisfaction, public relations, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.


GREEN Technology

Our zero emission technology is designed to sterilize medical waste, reduce its volume, and render its components unrecognizable. All is done in one fully enclosed automated cycle/step. This alternative non-burning technology is known as Advanced/Hybrid Autocalve. It allows for proper disposal of treated infectious materials as solid municipal waste without negatively impacting the air, water, the public, or workers' health.


Zero Waste

To further promote zero waste initiatives and reduce/reuse practices, EcoMed is partnering with local companies to transform the end products to energy or to recyclable and reusable materials. Our waste management best practices bring vital values to the public and the environment since we tackle the growing needs to treat and dispose effectively of the infectious waste while minimizing or eliminating impacts on traffic and landfills.


Safety and

EcoMed's waste management and disposal services are fully compliant with the federal, state/provincial, and local regulations, which include the Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and other regulatory agencies. EcoMed also prides itself in delivering technology, solutions, compliance training, and services that adhere to the highest national and international safety standards.


Efficacy Studies

Since introducing its first sterilizer in 1993, ECODAS Systems have been the subject of numerous independent scientific evaluations and repeated testing that have been verified, reviewed, and approved by involved agencies, ministries, states, and countries. All these studies have demonstrated the validity and reliability of this technology in destroying the most resistant living organisms in bio-hazardous medical waste.

More Services, More Options, More value

Medical Waste Regulations and Compliance

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) also kown as "Infectious Waste", "Bio-medical or Bio-Hazardous Waste", or "Red Bags" poses a risk of transmitting infection and diseases. It is required by federal, state/provincial, and local laws that the medical waste be treated and rendered non-infectious before it can be disposed of. Therefore, the operation of EcoMed Services further advances the goals of managing the waste in a manner which is most protective of human health and the environment.  Our team is experienced in handling licensing and regulatory compliance.


Consulting Services and Customized Options

Our deep know-how and expertise of the industry enable us to tackle the most challenging waste issues facing our customers. Based on market data and current operations, our waste management and consulting team will offer unique perspective and practical recommendations. EcoMed will provide a comprehensive financial assessment and cost analysis that will help our clients achieve their organizational goals, reduce cost, standardize disposal's process, streamline operations, improve productivity, and achieve financial gain.

Unmatched On-site and Off-site Waste Management 

In addition to our flexible pick-ups and off-site waste management services, EcoMed delivers unparalleled on-site solutions. Our turnkey process eliminates transportation fees, minimizes storage and collection costs, and reduces potential for liability while keeping our customers compliant with regulatory norms. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to strengthen our clients competitive advantage, abolish market dependency, improve operational processes, and will significantly lower our customers' current waste management cost.


Comprehensive, Flexible, and Cost-effective Solutions 

EcoMed offers innovative and integrated medical waste management services at low and competitive prices. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services while further reducing our customer's operational expenses. We accept, collect, process, and treat all types of Regulated Medical Waste, which include sharps, pathological, animal, laboratory, and liquid waste. Our services span scheduled collections,  eco-friendly treatment, documented disposal, training, safety and compliance, and waste management consulting.


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